SESSION 1A: Session Chair: Gerard Fox, Consultant Engineer
Cable-Supported Bridges I
Theory and Full-bridge Modeling of the Wind Response of
Cable-supported Bridges, N. Jones and R. Scanlan, Johns Hopkins University
Reliability-based Assessment of Suspension Bridges: Application to the Innoshima Bridge, K. Imai, Honshu Shikoku Bridge Authority, Kobe, Japan; & D. Frangopol, Univ. of Colorado
The Design and Behavior of Stay Cables, K. Shawwaf, DSI International

SESSION 1B: Session Chair: John Kulicki, President and Chief Engineer, Modjeski and Masters
Bridge Analysis & Design
Live Load Distribution for Steel Girder Bridges - J. Eom and A.S. Nowak, Univ. of Michigan
Design Considerations for Airport Bridge - B. Moulds, HNTB Corp.
Dynamic Analysis of Steel Curved Box Girder Bridges - D. Huang, Florida Dept. of Transportation

SESSION 2A: Session Chair: Harry A. Capers, Jr. Manager, Structural Engineering (State Bridge Engineer) - New Jersey Dept. of Transportation
Bridge Foundations & Geotechnical Issues
Evaluation of Site Factors for Bridge Seismic Design in New York City Area - S. Nikolaou, P. Edinger, Mueser Rutledge; G. Mylonakis, The City College of New York
Frequency Domain Analysis of Long-span Bridges to Non-uniform Seismic Motion - M. Ettouney, A. Hapij and R. Gajer, Weidlinger Associates
Simplified Modeling of Bridge Response on Soft Soil to Non-uniform Seismic Excitation - G. Mylonakis, The City College of New York; D. Papastamatiou,
J. Psycharis, National Technological Univ., Athens, Greece; and K. Mahmoud, Hardesty & Hanover

SESSION 2B: Session Chair: Bojidar Yanev, Director of Bridge Management, New York City Dept. of Transportation
Examples from Worldwide Bridge Experience
Assessment of Cable Maintenance Technologies for Honshu-Shikoku Bridges - M. Kitagawa, S. Suzuki and M. Okuda, Honshu-Shikoku Bridge Authority, Kobe, Japan
Multi-span Cable-stayed Bridges - M. Virlogeux, Consultant Engineer
Superlong Span Bridges - What is the Limit? - M. Tang, T.Y. Lin International

SESSION 3A: Session Chair: Ayaz Malik, Project Manager, New York State Dept. of Transportation
Seismic Design and Retrofit I
Use of Isolation for Seismic Retrofitting of Bridges
R. Imbsen, Imbsen & Associates

Seismic and Structural Engineering of a Curved Cable-stayed Bridge
A. Astaneh-Asl and G. Black, Univ. of California, Berkeley

BART SFO Extension Aerial Guideways: Controlling and Minimizing Seismic Damage

SESSION 3B: Session Chair: Francis Lombardi, Chief Engineer, Port Authority of New York & New Jersey

Design-Build: A Cultural Transition - F. Lombardi, Port Authority of New York & New Jersey
Design-Build: A Contractor's Viewpoint - J. Kolaya, Yonkers Contracting Company

The Evolution of Design-Build Project Delivery, An Engineer's Perspective - D. Graul, URS Corp.

SESSION 4A: Session Chair: John Fisher, The Joseph T. Stuart Professor of Civil Engineering, Lehigh University
Fatigue, Brittle Fracture and Stress Corrosion
Response and Analysis of Steel Trusses for Fatigue Truck Loading - H. O'Connell and R. Dexter, Univ. of Minnesota
Bending Fatigue of Cable Stays - K. H. Frank, S. L. Wood, J. Dowd, M. Poser and E. Williamson, Univ. of Texas, Austin
Cracking and Fracture of Suspension Bridge Cable Wire - R. M. Mayrbaurl and S. Camo, Weidlinger Associates

SESSION 5A: Session Chair: Gerard Fox, Consultant Engineer
Cable-supported Bridges II
Control of Seismically Excited Cable-stayed Bridges using Semi-active Stiffness Dampers - W. L. He, A. Agrawal, The City College of New York and
K. Mahmoud, Hardesty & Hanover
Evaluation of Viscous Dampers for Stay-cable Vibration Mitigation - J. Main and N. Jones, Johns Hopkins Univ.
London Millennium Bridge: Pedestrian-induced Lateral Vibration - P. Dallard, T. Fitzpatrick, A. Flint, A. Low, R. Ridsdill Smith, M. Willford and M. Roche, Arup

SESSION 5B: Session Chair: Steven Stroh, Vice President, URS Corp.
Performance of Existing Segmental Bridges
Durability of Segmental Concrete Bridges - M. Miller, Consultant Engineer
Performance of Segmental and Cable Stayed Bridges in Europe - A. Moreton, Corven Engineering Inc.
Live Load Tests of the San Antonio "Y" - C. Roberts-Wollmann, Virginia Polytechnic Institute; J. Breen and M. Kreger, Univ. of Texas, Austin

SESSION 6A: Session Chair: James Cooper, Director of Bridge Technology, Federal Highway Administration
Seismic Design and Retrofit II
Seismic Performance of an RC Bridge Column under Repeated Ground Motions - S. Park, W. Yen, J. Cooper and J. O'Fallon, Federal Highway Administration
Probabilistic Seismic Demand Model for California Highway Bridges- K. Mackie, and B. Stojadinovic, Univ. of California, Berkeley
Dynamic Response of Half-through Steel Arch Bridge Using Fiber Model - T. Nonaka and A. Ali, Yamato Engineering, Tokyo, Japan


Session Chair: Joseph Englot, Chief Structural Engineer, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Historic and Signature Bridges
Bear Mountain Bridge Main Cable Rehabilitation -W. Moreau, New York State Bridge Authority; and J. Barbas, Parsons Transportation Group
The Design of Charles River Cable-stayed Bridge - R. McCabe, T. Kumarasena and T. Zoli, HNTB Corp.

Chinese Contribution to Bridge Engineering and the Origin of the Suspension Bridge
B. Altabba, HNTB Corp.

Why is a Floating Swing Arch Bridge Built in the Port of Osaka? - E. Watanabe, Kyoto University; T. Maruyama, Y. Kawamura, Public Work Bureau, Osaka Municipal Government; and H. Tanaka, Hitachi Zosen Corp.

SESSION 7A: Session Chair: Andrew Herrmann, Partner Hardesty & Hanover
Bridge Performance and Rehabilitation
New York City Bridge Rehabilitation Program
H. Perahia, New York City Dept. of Transportation
Strengthening of a Steel Bridge Girder using CFRP Plates
T. C. Miller, Martin & Peltyn, Inc.; M. J. Chajes, D. R. Mertz and J. N. Hastings,
University of Delaware
Bridge Lifetime System Reliability under Multiple Limit States
A.C. Estes, U.S. Military Academy; and D.M. Frangopol, Univ. of Colorado

Design, Specification, Installation and Maintenance of Modular
Bridge Expansion Joint Systems
R. Dexter, Univ. of Minnesota; C. Osberg, HNTB Corp.; and M. Mutziger, TKDA

SESSION 7B: Session Chair: Barry Silberfarb, Mgr., Structural Engineering, MTA Bridges and Tunnels
Open Session
Bridge Bearing Deficiencies from the 2001 Nisqually Earthquake
R. Dornsife and J. Van Lund, Washington State Dept. of Transportation
Designing an 1800 Meter Long Bridge for 50 Meters of Scour,
the Paksey Bridge Over the River Ganges
M. Abrahams, J. Tse and J. Bryson, Parsons Brinckeroff
The 1999 Turkish Earthquake: Post Earthquake Investigation of Structures
on the Trans-European Motorway
H. Ghasemi, J. Cooper and W. Yen, Federal Highway Administration

The Rion-Antirion Bridge Design and Construction
J. Teyssandier, Gefyra S. A., Athens, Greece