POSTER SESSION I: Session Chair: Raymond McCabe, Sr. Vice President, HNTB Corp.
Bridge Analysis & Design
Redecking of the Eads Bridge with an Exodermic Deck, R. Bettigole, Exodermic Bridge Deck, Inc.; and M. Cornin, Sverdrup Civil Inc.
The New Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge: A Signature Structure, S. Arzoumanidis, A. Kite, M. Nasim and I. Savage, Parsons Transportation Group
Gateway Pedestrian Bridges over I-235, D. Byers, D. Rogowski, HNTB Corp.;
S. Stoyanoff, RWDI Inc.; and A. Abu-Hawash, Iowa Dept. of Transportation
Dynamic Response of Double-track Railway Bridges, K. Swailem, Mansoura Univ., Egypt

Structural Integrity Evaluation of the Hoxie Gorge Bridges, S. Bennett, Parsons Transportation Group


Session Chair: Jay Patel, Deputy Chief Engineer, East River & Movable Bridges, New York City DOT

Long Span Bridges

Experiences from Rehabilitation of a Cable Stayed Bridge for Rain-Wind Vibrations -
A Case Study, N. Telang, Construction Technology Laboratories; and P. Norton, Lichtenstein Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Designer Challenges with the Hell Canyon Bridge, S. Olson, D. Byers and R. Lyon, HNTB Corp.
San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge East Spans Seismic Safety Project,G. Baker, Weidlinger Associates; and M. Nader, T.Y. Lin International
Preparing Manhattan Bridge for the Next Century, J. Khinda, J. Patel, New York City DOT; and F-B. Lin, Polytechnic Univ. of New York
U.S. Grant Bridge Replacement Project - Steel Alternate Design, T. Kumarasena, HNTB Corp.

POSTER SESSION III: Session Chair: Michael Abrahams, Sr. Vice President, Parsons Brinckeroff
Seismic Analysis & Retrofit
The Manhattan Bridge: Seismic Retrofit of the Twisting Bridge, G. Fanjiang, Weidlinger Associates
Seismic Analysis And Retrofit of Yerba Buena Island Tunnel
S. Treyger and M. Jones, HNTB Corp.
Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Existing Highway Bridges Using 3-D Linear and Nonlinear Dynamic Analyses, Mahmood Hosseini, International Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Seismology; and Soheil Mohammadkhani Shali, Mazandaran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran
Seismic Isolation of Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge, A. Iqbal, Development Design Consultants Ltd.
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Non-linear Seismic Analysis of Carquinez Bridges, S. Treyger, HNTB Corp.

POSTER SESSION IV: Session Chair: Peter Sluszka, Sr. Vice President, Parsons Transportation Group
Bridge Rehabilitation & Replacement
Strengthening of a Pier Capbeam using Bonded FRP Composite Plates
S. Alampalli and O. Hag-Elsafi, New York State DOT
Rehabilitation of the Lions Gate Bridge, M. Abrahams and J. Tse, Parsons Brinckerhoff
Structural Retrofit of the 42nd Street Bus Terminal Ramps
J. Yost, Villanova Univ.; R. Blatz, Goodkind and O'Dea, Inc.; and C. Kertesz, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
Park Avenue Viaduct Reconstruction, P. Nietzschmann and W. Sewell, Parsons Transportation Group
Replacement of the Triborough Bridge Randall's Island Junction Structure, J. Balinski and S. Bennett, Parsons Transportation Group